Save the Monarch Butterfly

monarch butterflies tree credit Allison M. Jones

Eastern Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures and important pollinators, but they are in trouble because their populations have plummeted by 90% due to the loss of habitat.

If the Monarch butterfly is to be saved, we must all take action, and our mayors can lead the way! Cities, towns, and counties can help by planting butterfly-friendly gardens, changing mowing schedules to promote the growth of milkweed, and educating residents about how and where to grow milkweed and other pollinator plants.

By signing the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge (pdf), your mayor will commit to taking at least three of the 25 action items (pdf) in the pledge, and will receive recognition and support from the National Wildlife Federation. With strong leadership, municipalities across the country can provide habitat and engage the public to help Monarch butterflies thrive.

You can help.

Ask your Mayor or city leader to sign the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge
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