Asian carp found just 9 miles from Lake Michigan

A live Asian carp was found only 9 miles from Lake Michigan, well beyond the electric barrier that serves as the only line of defense against Asian carp invading the Great Lakes. Despite knowing for years that the electric barrier is fundamentally flawed, efforts to provide additional protections against Asian carp have been consistently delayed or blocked, often at the behest of the barge shipping industry. Most recently, the release of a study focused on installing protections at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam was delayed by the Trump administration, after lobbying from the shipping industry.

We cannot afford any more delays. Immediate action is needed to protect the Great Lakes and thousands of jobs across the region.

Legislation was introduced in Congress this week demanding the release of the Brandon Road study. Given today’s news, we are calling for immediate release of the study as well as the continued pursuit of solutions to the transfer of aquatic invasive species between the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.

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Here’s approximately where the carp was found:

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