• It takes a network
    to protect a river

    Prairie Rivers Network is Illinois’ advocate
    for clean water and healthy rivers.

    We champion clean, healthy rivers and lakes
    and safe drinking water to benefit
    the people and wildlife of Illinois.


Drinking Water in Illinois and the Dakota Access Pipeline

We’re gambling with the drinking water of the people of Illinois. The Dakota Access Pipeline is a partially constructed pipeline, over a thousand miles long and two and a half...

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PRN Dinner 2016

Annual Dinner 2016 Round Up

The Prairie Rivers Network staff and board of directors had a wonderful evening visiting with our members and friends at our Annual Dinner on October 21, 2016 Pictures from the Annual...

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#StopTheLevee Volunteers in Washington, D.C.

Prairie Rivers Network 2016 Award Winners

Prairie Rivers Network (PRN) will honor Bruce Colravy, Steve Stierwalt, and a group of dedicated citizens from Southern Illinois for their work in protecting and promoting the health of Illinois...

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Summit Addresses Need for Illinois Monarch Butterfly Plan

Each autumn, eastern monarch butterflies return to Illinois, dotting harvest-ready fields and cornflower blue skies with their iconic, graceful orange and black as they make their long journey back to...

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National Park Service encourages removal of Dynegy’s coal ash from Vermilion River floodplain

The Middle Fork of the Vermilion River, one of Vermilion County’s beautiful and best natural resources, is under constant threat from coal ash. Dynegy’s enormous coal ash ponds sit perched...

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Tell Congress to Protect America’s Wildlife

Today we face a new conservation crisis as emerging diseases, invasive species, and extreme weather threaten wildlife at a scale inconceivable just a few decades ago. Thousands of species of...

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Open dumping of coal ash waste called “beneficial use”

An investigation to determine if coal ash used near Kickapoo State Park has contaminated a lake reveals why the current regulations for beneficial use of coal ash are broken and...

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monarch butterflies tree credit Allison M. Jones

Save the Monarch Butterfly

Eastern Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures and important pollinators, but they are in trouble because their populations have plummeted by 90% due to the loss of habitat. If the Monarch...

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Illinois’ advocate for clean
water and healthy rivers.

Working to reduce water pollution, protect natural flowing rivers and restoring wildlife habitat while helping people and communities safeguard their vital water resources.

The Army Corps of Engineers wants to build a levee on the Mississippi River that would put river towns at great risk from floods like the 2011 flood that destroyed Olive Branch, Illinois. These are the voices of those who want to stop them.