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Join us in Celebrating PRN’s 50th Anniversary

We will celebrate our past, present and future with many activities throughout 2017. We hope you will join us and bring a friend so they can learn about the many ways PRN continues to build a network of stewards across Illinois, working together to protect our precious natural places, rivers, water, and wildlife. Our Network is YOU [...]

Prairie River Notes – Winter 2016 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network’s 2016 Winter Newsletter, featuring articles: Illinois' Drinking Water and the Dakota Access Pipeline Carol's Currents Help Save the Monarch (Butterfly) Why I Give to PRN 2016 Accomplishments Annual Dinner Round-Up/Awards Why Bobcats?

Water down the drain


Action #1: Please call Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth and ask her to help protect our water by supporting the Clean Water Rule. Action #2: Call your state representative and state senator and ask them to support the Illinois Natural Areas Stewardship Act. The Clean Water Rule is under attack. Senator Duckworth has been a brave [...]

Prairie River Notes – Summer 2016 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network’s 2016 Summer Newsletter, featuring articles: Averting a Wildlife Conservation Crisis Carol's Currents Why I Give to PRN Annual Dinner - October 21 River Steward Award Nominations PRN Endowment for Rivers Happy Trails, Tyler! Welcome back, Kim! Events

Prairie River Notes – Spring 2016 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network’s 2016 Spring Newsletter and 2015 Annual Report, featuring articles: Cover Crops: Looking Toward the Future of Farming Carol's Currents 2015 Annual Report and 2015 PRN Members & Supporters list Illinois' Self-Bonding Problem Miles for Monarchs You can also read the 2015 Annual Report separately.

A Mysterious Discharge on the Middle Fork

University and middle school students were canoeing on the Middle Fork this week on an educational field trip when they noticed something that seemed out of place. One of the small tributaries to the Middle Fork was flowing faster than any of the canoers had seen before, and it was flowing thick with milky white [...]