PRN, Earthjustice to Sue to Protect the Middle Fork

January 31, 2018 | Press Release
Prairie Rivers Network today filed official notice that it intends to sue Dynegy for Clean Water Act violations on the Middle Fork.

Dynegy Claims the Mysterious Middle Fork Discharge

June 21, 2017 | Blog Post
Dynegy now states that they released an estimated 12 million gallons of water over the spillway of their cooling lake dam on April 25th. That day, hikers noticed what was usually a small creek flowing full from bank to bank with cloudy white water. Canoers saw this small tributary flow into the Middle Fork and turn the entire stream white. Both the hikers and the canoers noted that the color and flow rate of the stream was unusual and striking; not your typical brown sediment runoff but cloudy, white, and flowing fast.

A Middle Fork Mystery With No Dam Solution

May 8, 2017 | Blog Post
Two weeks ago, we posted a story about a mysterious discharge on the Middle Fork brought to our attention by some canoers. Following that story, some hikers reached out to PRN to corroborate the report. They were hiking in the area that day and noticed the same tributary flowing extremely fast and milky white. They followed the tributary upstream to a junction where two smaller tributaries meet to form the one that flows into the Middle Fork. The tributary to the east flowed fast and full of sediment while the tributary to the west was just a trickle.

A Mysterious Discharge on the Middle Fork

April 27, 2017 | Blog Post
University and middle school students were canoeing on the Middle Fork this week on an educational field trip when they noticed something that seemed out of place. One of the small tributaries to the Middle Fork was flowing faster than any of the canoers had seen before, and it was flowing thick with milky white sediment. Upstream of this tributary, the water was perfectly clear, but downstream, the entire Middle Fork was cloudy and opaque.