Bruce Hannon Friends of Illinois RiversTo encourage and recognize the sustained effort that is so important to clean water advocacy, Prairie Rivers Network has created the Bruce Hannon Friends of Illinois Rivers, named in honor of the person who got us started and led our board for 33 years.

Bruce HannonIn 1967, Bruce Hannon learned that the Army Corps of Engineers was planning to dam the Sangamon River and flood Allerton Park. The area was his family’s favorite retreat, and one of the only large forested areas left in agricultural Central Illinois. He knew that he couldn’t just let it happen.

It took nearly 10 years of sustained effort by Bruce and many other dedicated friends to stop the dam. Through this fight they realized that there were many such wasteful and unnecessary projects threatening natural Illinois, and that true progress required activists to find the root causes and confront them. For 45 years, Bruce and friends have continued fighting for Illinois rivers and natural places. Several long-term members of Prairie Rivers Network have supported the organization for decades, and many more have joined the ranks of a committed core of financial supporters who ensure that Prairie Rivers Network can take on the long-term fight for systemic changes that make it possible to enjoy clean drinking water and natural places in the future.

Our goal is to have 50 Family Friends of Illinois Rivers to
celebrate Prairie Rivers Network’s 50th anniversary in 2017.

It is easy to be a friend.

Friends are supporters who donate year after year at the level of $1,000 or more. Friends are donors who indicate, simply but importantly their commitment to sustaining the work of Prairie Rivers Network into the future. Friends will come together at occasional special gatherings. They’ll be encouraged to offer advice on Prairie Rivers’ program work and if willing, be honored in publications and on this website. Each friend encourages others to enroll!

Join today!

1. Donate online.

2. Contact us about setting up recurring donations. This option ensures that we will not have to ask you year after year.

3. Donate at a level that covers several years. You can donate online or by check.

4. Contact us about other ways to donate such as appreciated securities, land, endowments, etc.

Thank you to our
Bruce Hannon Friends of Illinois Rivers!

Stephanie and Ralph Alexander

The Bales Family

Irene and Clark Bullard

Ellyn and David Bullock

Glynnis Collins and Nick Brozovic

Bill Davey

David Delaney

Jean Flemma and John Epifanio

Susan Vitka and Peter Fox-Penner

Jane and Eric Freyfogle

John B. Gilpin

Nancy Goodall

Bruce Hannon

Patricia Hannon

DiAnne and Terry Hatch

Susan and Lewis Hopkins

Dixie and Gary Jackson

Karen Carney and Rob Kanter

Kim Krammer and Melissa Orlie

Annette and Charles Lansford

Anna Keck and Jason Lindsey

Chris and David Main

Diane and John Marlin

Robert J. McKim

Jon McNussen

Robert J. Moore

Jean and David Nanney

Sharon and Jack Paxton

Beverly and Thomas Rauchfuss

Annice Moses and Michael Rosenthal

Trent Shepard

Julie and David Sherwood

William Van Hagey

Sherry Weaver

Carol Goodall Wock

Sherrill and Richard Worthen