Prairie River Notes – Winter 2015 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network’s PRN 2015 Winter Newsletter, featuring articles on: Prairie Rivers Network Endowment The Charles Goodall Fund Miles for Monarchs at the Illinois Marathon 2015 Accomplishments Annual Dinner Round Up A Just Transition: Building a Future for Former Coal Communities Thank you Business Sponsors And an important message from our Coal Program Coordinator [...]

Prairie River Notes – Summer 2015 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network's Summer 2015 Newsletter, featuring articles on: On Flood and Fire New Madrid Levee Boondoggle Annual Dinner Redesigning Ag in Nature's Image River Steward Award Nominations Board of Directors Update Vying for Fed Funds for Flooding New I ♥ Wildlife t-shirt  

Prairie River Notes – Spring 2015 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network's Spring 2015 newsletter, featuring articles on: How to Stop a Coal Mine Farewell from Glynnis Welcome Carol 2014 Annual Report Goodbye to Traci You can also read our 2014 Annual Report separately.    

Prairie River Notes – Winter 2014 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network's Winter 2014 Newsletter, featuring articles on: Businesses Show Love #4CleanWater Campaign Factory Farm Regulation Annual Dinner Round up 2014 Accomplishments Poem: Running for Rivers Beeline to Pollinator Panel With a special message from Prairie Fruits Farm and Creamery farmer and PRN member, Wes Jarrell

Prairie River Notes — Summer 2014 Newsletter

Read Prairie Rivers Network's Summer 2014 newsletter, featuring articles on: Support Clean Water - Tell U.S. EPA you support the "Waters of the U.S. Rule" Sunrise Coal - Not Buying It Run for Your Rivers Raises $8,000 A Rural Paradise Lost Prairie Rivers Network Annual Dinner - October 10th Nominate Your River Superhero Crossword Puzzle