Clinton Landfill Now Eyeing Coal Combustion Waste

While it is great news that Clinton Landfill has agreed to not store federally-regulated levels of PCBs, the saga isn’t over yet. An article in the Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette quoted the landfill’s attorney as saying that the landfill is looking to get into the business of accepting coal combustion waste from power plants. Coal waste can [...]

EPA gives Mahomet Aquifer sole-source designation

Our main source of drinking water in Central Illinois is now better protected. The EPA gives Mahomet Aquifer sole-source designation. Well done to all leaders and citizens who helped achieve this.

Mahomet Aquifer Bills in Progress

We are excited that freshmen lawmakers Representative Carol Ammons and Senator Scott Bennett have introduced bills to protect the Mahomet Aquifer from pollution. Specifically, materials containing high levels of PCBs and manufactured gas plant waste would be prohibited in landfills located above the aquifer. The legislation is aimed at preventing Clinton Landfill from moving forward [...]

THANK YOU for protecting the Mahomet Aquifer

Your voice is being heard. THANK YOU to everyone who has been attending meetings to protect the Mahomet Aquifer from toxic pollution, including hazardous wastes dumped at the Clinton Landfill. Peoria AREA Disposal, owner of the Clinton Landfill, already has a permit to accept MGP (manufactured gas plant) waste, and has applied for a permit [...]

Mahomet Aquifer rally and hearing a big success!

The Mahomet Aquifer proved to have many friends on May 13, when U.S. EPA held a public hearing on a proposal to designate the Mahomet as a sole source aquifer. Thanks to our members who showed up at the hearing as well as the pre-hearing rally in Champaign. Over 400 people attended. It was wonderful [...]