More than 50,000 Acres of Wetlands Protected from Destructive Project

Prairie Rivers Network and Partners Stop the New Madrid Levee By Kim Knowles Great news regarding the New Madrid levee project! In a valiant final act to protect both people and wildlife, the Obama Administration issued a decision making it nearly impossible for the Army Corps of Engineers to build the New Madrid Levee.  We’ve [...]

Summit Addresses Need for Illinois Monarch Butterfly Plan

Each autumn, eastern monarch butterflies return to Illinois, dotting harvest-ready fields and cornflower blue skies with their iconic, graceful orange and black as they make their long journey back to their winter home in Mexico. Over the past decade, monarchs have become a much rarer sight in Illinois and across the Midwest as eastern monarch populations have plummeted by as much as 80% by some counts. Monarch butterflies rely on various species of milkweed during their 3000 mile migration each year from Mexico across the Midwestern U.S. to Canada, reproducing in multiple generations before a final generation makes its way back south to overwinter in Mexico and begin the cycle anew.  Milkweed and other native flowers that monarchs need to sustain their populations are in decline due to habitat fragmentation and aggressive weeding.

Tell Congress to Protect America’s Wildlife

Today we face a new conservation crisis as emerging diseases, invasive species, and extreme weather threaten wildlife at a scale inconceivable just a few decades ago. Thousands of species of birds, mammals, fish, frogs, turtles, butterflies, and plants are slipping through the cracks. America has a proud history of bringing wildlife back from the brink. [...]

Save the Monarch Butterfly

Eastern Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures and important pollinators, but they are in trouble because their populations have plummeted by 90% due to the loss of habitat. If the Monarch butterfly is to be saved, we must all take action, and our mayors can lead the way! Cities, towns, and counties can help by planting [...]

Prairie Rivers-led conservation partnership yields success

When people come together, good things happen. Over the past year, with support from Illinois Clean Energy and Community Foundation, Prairie Rivers Network has convened several organizations who seek to restore and protect the rare and special habitats of the Illinois River system. While we continue to help identify conservation opportunities and priorities, our efforts [...]