Become a Monarch Ambassador

How You Can Help Save the Monarchs Not long ago, spring and summer in Illinois were marked by reappearance of clouds of orange and black wings.  The Eastern Monarch butterfly was adopted as Illinois’ state insect because the entire state lies in its spring and fall migration path across the Midwest. Every Illinois school kid [...]

Tell Congress to Protect America’s Wildlife

Today we face a new conservation crisis as emerging diseases, invasive species, and extreme weather threaten wildlife at a scale inconceivable just a few decades ago. Thousands of species of birds, mammals, fish, frogs, turtles, butterflies, and plants are slipping through the cracks. America has a proud history of bringing wildlife back from the brink. [...]

Save the Monarch Butterfly

Eastern Monarch butterflies are beautiful creatures and important pollinators, but they are in trouble because their populations have plummeted by 90% due to the loss of habitat. If the Monarch butterfly is to be saved, we must all take action, and our mayors can lead the way! Cities, towns, and counties can help by planting [...]

Show Your Support for Clean Water

Tell U.S. EPA you support the Waters of the U.S. Rule There’s a new rule that’s good for clean water and it’s under attack. US EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers want to do the right thing and clarify Clean Water Act protections for some of our smallest yet most important streams and wetlands. [...]

Prairie Rivers Network Releases Documentary and Petition on Illinois Factory Farms

"From the very beginning of the hog facility, we started experiencing, there is no other word to describe it but gut-wrenching odors that could just wake you up out of a dead sleep."   This line kicks off our new documentary on the harmful impacts that Illinois factory farms can have on rural communities. The [...]