More than 50,000 Acres of Wetlands Protected from Destructive Project

Prairie Rivers Network and Partners Stop the New Madrid Levee By Kim Knowles Great news regarding the New Madrid levee project! In a valiant final act to protect both people and wildlife, the Obama Administration issued a decision making it nearly impossible for the Army Corps of Engineers to build the New Madrid Levee.  We’ve […]

WRDA we want? Healthy Rivers.

Though it receives less scrutiny than other government actions, federal water policy has immense and lasting impacts on rivers and wildlife, as well as millions of Americans. And much of that policy is dictated by one piece of legislation–the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). An update to this large and complex collection of “all-things-water” policies […]

Wildlife Habitat in Illinois

Healthy land makes for healthier, cleaner water! Wetlands, forests, and prairies help control flooding, filter pollution, prevent sediment from being washed downstream, and provide critical habitat for our state’s wildlife. Prairie Rivers Network’s habitat specialist, Elliot Brinkman, works with private landowners, public land agencies, land trusts, and others to expand and connect the patchwork of […]

Two Illinois Wetlands Receive International Honors

Since Europeans first settled in Illinois, changes in land use and development destroyed 90 percent of the state’s wetlands. Protecting and restoring those that remain has been a high priority for all who cherish clean water and quality wildlife habitat. In June, two such efforts, the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge and the Emiquon Complex (which includes Emiquon […]

Conservation Compliance Amendment Passes Senate 52-47!

The U.S. Congress voted 52-47 in favor of relinking conservation compliance to crop insurance in the next Farm Bill! This is a huge victory, and we are grateful that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin voted in favor of the amendment. We are also grateful to those of you who responded to our call-to-action and contacted your […]