WRDA we want? Healthy Rivers.

Though it receives less scrutiny than other government actions, federal water policy has immense and lasting impacts on rivers and wildlife, as well as millions of Americans. And much of that policy is dictated by one piece of legislation--the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA). An update to this large and complex collection of “all-things-water” policies [...]

We have only ourselves (& the Army Corps of Engineers) to blame

by Kim Knowles Governor Bruce Rauner has declared 23 Illinois counties disaster areas due to flood damages. Widespread flooding has shut down businesses, closed roads, forced evacuations, and taken lives as intense winter precipitation caused the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to flood towns in Missouri, Illinois, and other Mississippi River states. While winter flooding of [...]

Floodplain Managers Urge EPA to Stop the New Madrid Levee

Today marks a significant victory in Prairie Rivers Network's campaign to stop the New Madrid Levee project and protect the people, wildlife, and wetlands of southern Illinois. The Association of State Floodplain Managers is now publicly urging EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to veto the levee project, which would destroy wetlands and wildlife habitat and put communities [...]

New Madrid Levee Project is Harmful Boondoggle that Must Be Stopped

Down in the Missouri boot heel lies a huge expanse of wetlands where migratory birds seek rest and food, and where fish spawn and rear their young. By storing massive amounts of water during storms, the wetlands also protect the Illinois towns of Cairo and Olive Branch from destructive flooding. These precious wetlands get their [...]

Prairie Rivers Network Sues Army Corps of Engineers

Lawsuit seeks to halt destructive practices in Upper Mississippi River Prairie Rivers Network has joined with National Wildlife Federation and other state river groups to put an end to decades of mismanagement of the Upper Mississippi River by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Since the 1930s, the Corps has managed the Upper Mississippi [...]