PRN helps residents fight another factory farm

Prairie Rivers Network is helping yet another group of residents who have joined together to oppose the construction of a hog factory farm in their community. The residents live in Menard County, home to Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site. The proposed 9,300-hog facility would be located about 5 miles west of the historic site […]

IDOA approves factory farm over local objections

Save Our Sandy continues to fight this mega-hog operation. Despite local objections, another large hog operation has been approved for construction by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Local Marshall County residents fear their new neighbor will pollute nearby beautiful Sandy Creek and foul the air with unbearable odors. For months Prairie Rivers Network has been […]

A rural paradise lost

David Leifheit once lived on “a little slice of heaven” in Ogle County, about halfway between the churning metropolis of Chicago and the muddy waters of the Mississippi River, Illinois’ western border. He proudly maintained the home he built himself on his mother’s ancestral land – land homesteaded by his great-great-grandparents over 150 years ago. The house sat at the edge […]

Prairie Rivers Network Releases Documentary and Petition on Illinois Factory Farms

“From the very beginning of the hog facility, we started experiencing, there is no other word to describe it but gut-wrenching odors that could just wake you up out of a dead sleep.”   This line kicks off our new documentary on the harmful impacts that Illinois factory farms can have on rural communities. The […]

Don’t Let Factory Farms Ruin Rural Illinois!

Through foul odors, lower property values, creek and well contamination, and health problems, factory farms can harm rural residents and their quality of life. Prairie Rivers Network is helping the group Save Our Sandy stand against a proposed hog factory farm in Marshall County. Read more about their fight and watch our video documenting the […]