Prairie Rivers Network Releases Documentary and Petition on Illinois Factory Farms

“From the very beginning of the hog facility, we started experiencing, there is no other word to describe it but gut-wrenching odors that could just wake you up out of a dead sleep.”  

This line kicks off our new documentary on the harmful impacts that Illinois factory farms can have on rural communities. The people we interviewed wanted to share their stories with you because they have had enough. Their quality of life has suffered due to industrial-scale livestock production.

We produced the documentary because we want the general public to understand that factory farms can impose great costs upon neighbors. But we don’t want to just inform you of this injustice, we also want you to take action. WE NEED YOUR HELP to change the law so neighbors and the environment are better protected from factory farms.

As consumers of meat, eggs, and/or dairy products, we all have skin in this game. Most of the animal-based products we buy at grocery stores and restaurants come from factory farms. But we can demand a better food production system. SIGN OUR PETITION to state legislators and Governor Quinn!

Please watch our documentary and then click on the link to our petition.  Thank you.