Illinois Legislature Passes Bill Initiated by Environmental Groups When the drinking water crisis and scandal in Flint, Michigan was exposed last winter, environmental groups in Illinois decided we needed to take action to discover potential lead water contamination problems at home.  To that end, we banded together and started drafting a bill. In hindsight, the […]

University of Illinois Votes for Coal Divestment

University of Illinois Academic Senate votes to divest from coal companies This week, the University of Illinois Academic Senate (over 200 faculty and students) voted in overwhelming support of a resolution to divest from coal companies — shifting the University’s investments to socially responsible funds. The resolutions was pushed by Student Senators and the UIUC […]

IDOA approves factory farm over local objections

Save Our Sandy continues to fight this mega-hog operation. Despite local objections, another large hog operation has been approved for construction by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. Local Marshall County residents fear their new neighbor will pollute nearby beautiful Sandy Creek and foul the air with unbearable odors. For months Prairie Rivers Network has been […]

LTE: Water rules not a threat to farming

Published in the News-Gazette on September 19, 2014: There seems to be much confusion regarding the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers proposed rules regarding the Clean Water Act. These rules generally referenced as Waters of the United States have been described as “the largest land grab in history” on rural radio […]

Prairie Rivers Network Sues Army Corps of Engineers

Lawsuit seeks to halt destructive practices in Upper Mississippi River Prairie Rivers Network has joined with National Wildlife Federation and other state river groups to put an end to decades of mismanagement of the Upper Mississippi River by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Since the 1930s, the Corps has managed the Upper Mississippi […]