Take action: Support dam removal on the Vermilion River

On April 30th, the City of Danville will hold an informational open house regarding the proposed removal of two low-head dams in the Vermilion River system. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources will present removal alternatives from their most recent planning study, and also discuss how removal will benefit fish populations. Following the presentations, representatives from [...]

Otters are making a big comeback in Illinois!

Today, thanks to diligent, long-term work to reduce pollution, protect wooded areas, and restore land along water bodies, the playful and very photogenic river otter is making a big comeback in Illinois! Watch this mother river otter as she pulls out onto bank to call for pups, Middle Fork of the Vermilion River (Wabash basin), [...]

Two Illinois Wetlands Receive International Honors

Since Europeans first settled in Illinois, changes in land use and development destroyed 90 percent of the state’s wetlands. Protecting and restoring those that remain has been a high priority for all who cherish clean water and quality wildlife habitat. In June, two such efforts, the Dixon Waterfowl Refuge and the Emiquon Complex (which includes Emiquon [...]

Preserving Wildlife Habitat for the Protection of Illinois’ Rivers

Prairie Rivers Network, in partnership with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, has completed a plan to protect wildlife in the Vermilion River Conservation Opportunity Area. These efforts have also resulted in the formation of a grassroots group—the Vermilion River Wildlife Conservation Partnership—dedicated to the protection of wildlife habitat. The finalization of the plan and [...]

Your Tax Dollars and the Army Corps of Engineers

With spring’s longer and warmer days, many of us are getting out to enjoy Illinois’ multitude of  diverse rivers and streams.  These winding  waterways are often the closest, perhaps the only, bit of natural landscape that many Illinois residents have for recreation and rejuvenation. A few of us might still be stuck inside, scrambling to finish our [...]