Illinois Coal Ash Map

How To Use This Map

​This map shows all of the major power plants with coal ash impoundments in Illinois.

Click on a site to zoom in and see a detailed map. Click Full Map to return to the statewide map.

Site information including documentation and resources such as NPDES discharge permits, impoundment dam stability, inundation maps, flood maps, and more will appear in this window.

Specific impoundment details including liner status, hazard risk, and breach maps, are available for each impoundment by clicking on any particular impoundment on the map.

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RedPip Power Plant Open
PurplePip Power Plant Closed
RedHigh High Hazard Risk Impoundment
DarkRedSig Significant/Low/Unknown Hazard Risk
OrangeLandfill Landfill

How to use this map

Use this map to find out more about coal ash impoundments near you. Each marker represents a coal fired power plant that stores coal ash waste. After clicking on a plant, you can view details such as the location, owner, links to National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, compliance with the new coal combustion residual rulings, the US EPA Impoundment Stability Report and more.

Coal ash is the solid by-product that is left over after coal is burned for electricity – much like ash that is left after burning wood in a fire, except coal ash contains toxic materials like mercury, arsenic, selenium, cadmium and chromium. Across the state, many coal-fired power plants store the coal ash waste in coal ash pits. These pits are often adjacent to rivers or lakes which the power plants draw cooling water from. The coal ash pits seep contamination into the rivers and groundwater around the impoundments, putting our water and our communities at risk.

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