Voices from the Coal Fields

An excerpt from Prairie Rivers Network’s official letter to the USEPA regarding the proposed coal ash rule On November 19th, 2010, Prairie Rivers Network submitted comments to the USEPA on their proposed regulation of coal ash.  Illinois leads the nation in the number of coal ash contamination sites due to improper disposal, and the new […]

Public Hearing Set for New Coal Waste Disposal Site

photo credit: www.jasonlindsey.com A December 17th public hearing has been set for a new coal combustion waste (CCW) disposal site at the Coffeen Power Plant near Coffeen Lake. The new CCW landfill will include a dry landfill cell encompassing approximately 22 acres, with future expansions adding up to 2 additional cells covering 65 acres. The […]

Heat from Power Plant Kills Fish

Just over one week ago, between 350 and 400 fish were killed when water temperatures in Baldwin Lake topped 100 degrees (read news article here). This is not an uncommon experience during warm summer stretches at lakes that serve the dual purposes of cooling water from power plants and providing recreational opportunities for residents. Fish […]

Coal Waste Is A Major Water Supply Hazard in Illinois

The State of Illinois ranks eighth in the nation for the number of coal waste disposal sites, many of which are storage lagoons similar to the one that failed in Tennessee in December 2008. Recent USEPA reports indicate that coal waste leaches hazardous pollution in much greater quantities than had been recognized previously. In Illinois, our knowledge and capacity to […]

Public Comments Due on East Central Water Supply Report

The Regional Water Supply Planning Committee (RWSPC) for east-central Illinois is accepting public comments on its draft final report “Plan to Improve the Planning and Management of Water Supplies in East-Central Illinois” through June 15, 2009. The report finds that withdrawals from the Mahomet Aquifer, the major source of water for Champaign County, could increase […]