Monticello Mayor Larry Stoner Signs Monarch Pledge


Monticello Mayor Larry Stoner Signs
Monarch Pledge

Contact: Jeff Kohmstedt, Prairie Rivers Network,, 217-344-2371 ext. 207

(Monticello, IL) – Mayor Larry Stoner will sign the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Mayors’ Monarch Pledge today, May 30th, at the Monarch Brewing Company (212 S Independence St, Monticello). Prairie Rivers Network (PRN) will host a happy hour where Mayor Stoner will pledge his support to provide habitat for the monarch butterfly and other pollinator species in public parks, median strips, community gardens, and municipal buildings.

With the pledge, cities and municipalities commit to restoring habitat and encouraging the public to do the same. Mayor Stoner will pledge to take action to help save the monarch butterfly.

“I think it is important for public officials to address environmental issues that endanger the survival of many species of wildlife,” Mayor Stoner said. “Using the public forum to make people aware of these concerns and possible measures that can alleviate these problems is important.”

The NWF Mayors’ Pledge has been signed by 299 mayors from cities all across the country. Monticello will join other area cities whose mayors have signed the pledge, including Springfield, Champaign, Urbana, Bloomington, Pekin, and Gibson City.

The event will take place at Monarch Brewing Company, Monticello’s first brew pub, which opened in 2017 in the former United Methodist Church. The happy hour runs from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. The mayor will sign the pledge at 6:15 p.m.

“Monarch Brewing Company supports the efforts of the Prairie Rivers Network to protect the monarch butterfly population and to stop the decline of milkweed which is the only plant that the monarch caterpillars can eat,” co-owner Matt Miller said. “We are happy to host the event on May 30 at our brewpub in Monticello.”

PRN is Illinois’ advocate for clean water and healthy rivers and the Illinois affiliate of the NWF. Drawing upon sound science and working cooperatively with others, PRN advocates for public policies and cultural values that sustain the ecological health and biological diversity of Illinois’ water resources and aquatic ecosystems. It is a member-supported, nonprofit organization that champions clean, healthy rivers and lakes and safe drinking water to benefit the people and wildlife of Illinois.

This year, PRN celebrates 50 years of working to protect Illinois’ rivers for people, fish, and wildlife. Celebration events include the Wild & Scenic Film Festival which took place on April 4 in Champaign, two other planned film festivals in Carbondale (Sept. 22) and Peoria (Oct. 13), and PRN Day at Allerton on May 21. PRN’s 50th Anniversary Dinner Gala will take place Oct. 6 in Champaign.