Ban Pavement Sealant

Support the Ban on Toxic Pavement Sealant

Please call your Representative today and ask them to support HB2958 banning coal tar sealants in IL. Coal tar is a commonly used pavement sealant. It’s the black substance sprayed or painted on parking lots, driveways, and playgrounds. Coal tar sealants contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which are toxic to humans and other animals. Exposure […]

Funding Crisis for Illinois’ Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Due to Illinois’ budget impasse, the future of Illinois’ Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) and their equally important partners in the Illinois Department of Agriculture is in jeopardy. Illinois has some of the richest and most productive soils in the world along with abundant fresh water, yet instead of investing in the long term foundation of our state’s […]

Say NO MORE to mercury pollution in the Ohio River!

Clean water can’t wait! It’s time to stop discharging toxic levels of mercury into the Ohio River! The Ohio River is the public water supply for 5 million homes from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL, and is home to over 150 species of fish. It shouldn’t be a private waste dump for big business. But for […]

Show Your Support for Clean Water

Tell U.S. EPA you support the Waters of the U.S. Rule There’s a new rule that’s good for clean water and it’s under attack. US EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers want to do the right thing and clarify Clean Water Act protections for some of our smallest yet most important streams and wetlands. […]

Help Protect the Mahomet Aquifer and Central Illinois’ drinking water!

Mahomet Aquifer Sole Source Hearings, May 13-14 The U.S. EPA is considering designating the Mahomet Aquifer a “sole source aquifer.” If so designated, the aquifer will be better protected against pollution. The U.S. EPA would review federally-funded construction projects located above the aquifer to ensure the projects do not endanger our drinking water supply. We […]