IDEA Farm Network: Jaci Davis

PRN is working with individuals, researchers, NGO’s, local businesses, and farmers throughout Illinois who want to improve the way farming is done. Together, we support a network of farmers. We call them the IDEA Farm Network.

These farmers learn from each other about better ways to farm; ways that protect and regenerate the air, soil, and water by focusing on sustainability, soil and water health, and wildlife habitat. With the help of our partners, PRN gathers and shares their stories, stories about what drives them to be stewards of the land, their hardships and successes, their passions and joys, and their vision for thriving farming communities all across the state.

To sign up for the Idea Farm Network email list and join the conversation, please go here:!forum/ideafarmnetwork

You’ll meet some of these amazing people through a series of short videos that we will share from time to time. Here’s just a little teaser for now. Much more to come soon…