Farm Bill 2018: Will We or Won’t We?

January 16, 2018 | Blog Post
2018 is slated to be the year we get a new Farm Bill, but whether we do or not depends largely on the politics coming out of Washington.

Farm Bill Passes with Important Conservation Requirement

Finally, we have a federal Farm Bill! President Obama signed the long-awaited bill into law on February 7, bringing an end to a multi-year effort to pass the legislation. And fortunately, the environmental community has something to celebrate: conservation compliance was re-linked to federal crop insurance subsidies! The relinkage of conservation compliance to crop insurance […]

Tell Congress to put conservation compliance in the farm bill

UPDATE: On Wednesday, June 19, Congressman Fortenberry introduced his amendment on the House floor, and then withdrew it. It is likely that he felt there was not enough support for passage. Unfortunately, this means the House farm bill will not link conservation compliance to crop insurance subsidies. However, the Senate farm bill does establish this linkage. Once the House passes […]

PRN Talks Farm Bill with Congressman Davis

Prairie Rivers Network has a new neighbor, Congressman Rodney Davis of the 13th District. He is occupying the office of retired Congressman Tim Johnson on Fox Drive in Champaign. So it was an easy stroll to meet with him recently about our priorities for the federal Farm Bill. During the meeting, we requested that Congressman […]

Conservation Compliance Amendment Passes Senate 52-47!

The U.S. Congress voted 52-47 in favor of relinking conservation compliance to crop insurance in the next Farm Bill! This is a huge victory, and we are grateful that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin voted in favor of the amendment. We are also grateful to those of you who responded to our call-to-action and contacted your […]