Senator Kirk’s Great Lakes Water Protection Act: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

We’re not really sure what Senator Kirk is up to now. His Great Lakes Water Protection Act was always a bit sketchy in that it appeared to simply prohibit what the Clean Water Act already prohibits. Basically, Kirk’s Protection Act outlaws the dumping of untreated sewage to the Great Lakes by 2035. The Act would [...]

Watch Asian Carp Spread Like the Plague

Asian carp were introduced to the southern U.S. in the 1970s in an effort to filter fish ponds. Unfortunately, they escaped into the wild, and as you can see from the map below, they've wasted no time spreading throughout the great river systems at the heart of the country. According to the latest science, the [...]

Press Release: Study Presents Options for Restoring Chicago River & Protecting Lake Michigan

PRESS RELEASE ISSUED: January 31, 2012 River, Lake Advocates Praise New Path Toward Better Flood Control, Cleaner Water, and Keeping Asian Carp Out of Great Lakes A highly-anticipated report released today clearly demonstrates that it is possible to separate the artificial connection between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River basins and prevent the transfer [...]

Eating Asian carp is a great idea, but nothing like a “solution.”

Robert Hirschfeld Coalition Organizer - Invasive Species Prairie Rivers Network by Robert Hirschfeld,  Coalition Organizer - Invasive Species In the three weeks since the Illinois Department of Natural Resources announced its plan to fight hunger and Asian carp in one fell swoop, my Asian carp twitter feed has seen more action than in the previous two [...]

Army Corps Strategy Puts Great Lakes at Risk

Prairie Rivers Network board member Clark Bullard has written op-eds for the Detroit Free Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Dr. Bullard characterizes the failure of the Army Corps of Engineers to deal with the threat of Asian carp as “playing biological Russian roulette with the Great Lakes.” From the Detroit Free Press, published July [...]