Brandon Road Study Released August 7th

Action Alert Update

Thank you to everyone who recently responded to the Action Alert on Asian carp. It mattered!

On August 7, the Army Corps of Engineers will release the Feasibility Study on the Brandon Road Lock and Dam. The Trump Administration had blocked its release after intense lobbying by the shipping industry. Its release next week is due to the overwhelming pressure from both the public (thank you PRN members!) as well as our congressional champions that secured publication of the draft study that the Trump Administration delayed.

PRN issued the action alert on June 23rd shortly after news of a live Asian carp found just nine miles from Lake Michigan broke. Your response was forceful, and Congress took note. Hundreds of you contacted your Member of Congress, and they heard you.

This carp was discovered just nine miles from Lake Michigan in June.

In a joint statement, PRN with the National Wildlife Federation, Indiana Wildlife Federation, Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Minnesota Conservation Federation, Ohio Conservation Federation, and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation said,

After months of unnecessary delay, we are excited that the potential options for improving defenses against Asian carp at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam will see the light of day. The voices of hunters, anglers, boaters and other outdoor enthusiasts were instrumental in demanding this draft report be released. In addition, we are greatly appreciative for the vigilance of our Congressional champions in the Great Lakes region in keeping the protection of our Great Lakes fisheries and way of life at the top of their priorities. There is still much work yet to be done in this process. We look forward to working towards securing stronger protections to keep Asian carp out of our Great Lakes.

Once the report is published, PRN and its partners will analyze its contents. We will keep you posted on our next steps.

Until then, we cannot thank you enough for stepping up when it mattered most! Thank you!