Watch Out, World! Our River Action Team is Ready for Action!

On Saturday, January 25, Prairie Rivers Network held the first training session for our new River Action Team. Twenty-nine of our members and supporters attended the training on how to lobby local and state officials on environmental issues. We were thrilled by the enthusiasm expressed by the team members, who will be on our action […]

Prairie Rivers Network to offer Environmental Lobby Training Workshop January 25

Prairie Rivers Network invites members to attend our Environmental Lobby Training workshop and join our River Action Team. We are developing the River Action Team because there are times when we need our members to convey important policy messages to decision makers. In order to fortify our Team and make our members comfortable with responding to […]

Sing it! We all live in a Wa-ter-shed, a Wa-ter-shed, a Wa-ter-shed…

Whether “watershed planning” is a foreign concept to you, or you have been actively preserving the health of Illinois watersheds for years, we guarantee that you will discover something new on our For Watershed Groups webpages. What is a watershed?  What is meant by watershed planning?  Browse through Watersheds 101 to find out. What do […]

Workshop: “How to Write a Fundable 319 Grant” (Collinsville, IL)

NOTE: This workshop has previously been held in Lisle, IL (3/3/10) and Bloomington, IL (6/23/10). WHAT: Our popular workshop on how to successfully write 319 grant proposals is being held in Collinsville.  Learn tips on how to secure CWA 319 funding to successfully implement your watershed projects. WHEN: Monday, March 28 from 1 pm – […]

Workshop: “How to Prepare a Third-Party TMDL for the EPA” (Bolingbrook, IL)

WHAT: Learn how local partners can develop state-approved plans to reduce pollution in rivers and lakes.  This workshop focuses on explaining the third-party TMDL program to watershed groups and water resource managers. A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is a calculation of the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can receive and still […]